RIP Captain Beefheart

by on December 18, 2010

Nothing real funny about this. Don Van Vliet died after struggling with Multiple Sclerosis for years. Dude’s music was fucking incredible. Actually, did the first music video, which now sits in the Museum of Modern Art. He was a sculptor from age 5. Dude did it on his own terms. Put out amazing amount of material. Took blues to another psycho-beat, babble level. Really did the thing. Blazed the trail.


“After a long battle with multiple sclerosis the rock icon Captain Beefheart has passed away at the age 69. He real name was Don Van Vliet and was best known as his being an extremely influential experimental musician who opted to perform under the name odd name of Captain Beefheart and had close ties with Frank Zappa and Zappas family.”
Don’t be too sad, ‘cuz the man did his thing. Lived life to the fullest and left a lasting legacy. Go listen Ice Cream for Crow or Trout Mask Replica or Bat Chain Puller, blow out the cobwebs in your mind. Tear up that rut. Shake up the status quo. And, come out the other side, a renewed, vital person. Forget funny t shirts, and just take a moment to honor a legend.

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timlynch March 31, 2011 at 6:40 pm

love beefheart……safe as milk is classic stuff…..brick bats and ashtray heart are my favorites….actually they all are….if you have never listened…you must.


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