Relentlessly Awesome T shirt

by on January 16, 2010

It’s like you don’t even have to try. You wake up, rub the sleep out of your eyes and bam boom, the awesome just comes like a never ending tidal wave until you go to sleep at night…if you go to sleep at night.

Everyone knows it just looking at the energy blasting from your eyes. You are in the game to win. Your destiny is to succeed big time. You don’t even entertain the notion of failure. The people you hang with had better have their shit together or you leave ’em in the dust. It’s not just a state of mind, it’s a way of life…and the doctor that pulled you from your mother’s womb knew it the second she laid eyes on you. It’s bragging and obnoxious if you try too hard to look like your the best, but if you know it and you show it 24/7 then it’s no problem to remind people by wearing the Relentlessly Awesome Tshirt.

Headline Shirts wants you to have high self-esteem starting now!

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