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by on May 23, 2012

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Something about that pot of coffee is sexy. Not sure what it is. The curves of the handle. The roundness pot. Something gets me with this design, and I don’t even drink the stuff…but I should. Everybody that is successful at life drinks coffee. It’s the perfect drug, except that I think I’d be jittery and spastic, but maybe that’s just a noobie faze.

Who knows? Wait, it’s starting to dawn on me that this coffee shirt series by Headline Shirts is more an anti-Starbucks or fufu coffee, and a shout out to salt of the earth coffee. Is that true? This looks like a pot your waitress at IHOP would pour. And also the name. Doesn’t Starbucks have all the absurd names, so regular is just another big slap in the face to corporate bullshit, though I have to say there’s probably more corporate bullshit goin’ on with IHOP and Denny’s than Starbucks, but I can’t say for certain, because I’ve never worked in those corporate offices…yet.

Someone help me out with this coffee business. I’m in the dark. Or just get this Regular T Shirt.

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Meagan Little May 26, 2012 at 11:02 pm

I think this T makes a powerful statement.


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