Reggie White Minister of Defense T Shirt from Busted Tees

by on February 4, 2012

Dude made his name as a sack specialist with the Philadelphia Eagles, and was granted the nickname the Minister of Defense, which is doubly apt, since he actually was an ordained minister. He also played with the Green Bay Packers, and a forgettable final season with Carolina.

After his career White got into trouble speaking his mind about his views on race and sexual orientation, and lost a lucrative TV football analyst gig because of it. He died of cardiac arrest in 2004. Well, this football-centric post with religion and death thrown in hasn’t been the least bit funny, and I’m not seeing an angle to even squeeze a little teensy humor into it.

I guess I could get into Reggie calling homosexuality a sin, which is a total joke. But that would probably offend the people that want to purchase this Minister of Defense T Shirt, which is basically just shooting myself in the foot, so I won’t get into that.

Busted Tees going of the reservation with all this sports shit. Not sure what to think about it, but I’m going to keep reviewing the shirts, because I have absolute faith in the brand. Actually, maybe I should call myself Minister of Funny T Shirts.


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