Red Ring of Death XBOX Tshirt

by on June 9, 2010

This is one of those shit your pants moments you never ever want to experience. You’ve heard about it happening in a neighboring town. You don’t know how you would cope. What would it be like? No XBOX?! How long will it take to fix? Will I lose all profile stuff? Man, it’s nearly unbearable to even think about it.

So, why wear the Red Ring of Death XBOX Tshirt? Because it wards away the angel of XBOX death. It’s putting it right out there. I am not scared of you, you will not infiltrate my house you will not ruin my life.

Actually, don’t even worry about it. You can fix it if you have 8 pennies, a screwdriver and electrical tape:

Oh, and a degree in computer engineering.

Busted Tees, the closest you’ll get to a religious experience while wearing a tshirt.

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