Rebloodlican Vs. Democrip T Shirt

by on November 12, 2012

Get this Tee From Banished Shirts

I think the parties put on good pre-election theater, and petty house quarrels to keep up appearances, but they all serve the same master at the end of the day, and that is not we the people. Oh wait, it is actually, because corporations are people, so, in fact, the elected and paid off officials on the Hill are working with the best interests of People Inc. in mind.

In other words, for sale Congress gets the grease and the great wheel of kleptocracy keeps on turning without a squeak.

This interpretation of politics doesn’t totally jive with the gangsters on this shirt warring over inconsequential issues and renting the flag asunder in the process, but it’s in the same genus. I love that people like Banished Shirts are exploring the sham of the two-party system and putting out these types of designs to challenge the perceptions of the 100s of millions of people who were duped into voting for Barrack or Mitt.

Good stuff. I like that they’re wearing the colors too.

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