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by on May 27, 2012

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I dig this Real Peanuts T Shirt. The green bleeds to the bottom and on that green all the characters of the Peanuts cast mulling around, but the kicker is that they are actually peanuts. Ha ha. The colors of the kids clothes are so recognizable that you know who each of the Peanut characters are without any real definition added to the shell, which makes this concept brilliant…and slightly absurd.

I guess there are a few props like the dog house, the blanket and the piano that offer more clues as to who’s who. Good stuff by designer Phil Jones.

My favorite Peanuts scene is when Snoopy is ordering Peppermint Patty around by snapping his fingers. I can’t find the clip though, dammit. It’s 2012. Everything should be at my fingertips.

And, of course, the music of Vince Guaraldi is sublime:

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