Real Men Don’t Hit Women Who Aren’t Pregnant T-Shirt

by on August 16, 2010

This is one of those make a statement, get people to work up some righteous agreement, then come closer and see that there’s an actual insidious caveat in small print at the bottom of the shirt. What do they do? They are already gave you the high five and celebrated the statement against violence on women, and now they’re on the hook for making some other alternate follow up statement, because the Real Men Don’t Hit Women Who Aren’t Pregnant Tshirt not only doesn’t jive with their ideology, it is absolutely opposed to what they think. In fact, it’s offensive, but to have to make this 180 in the matter of five seconds is awkward.

And, that uncomfortable social interaction is exactly why god put this shirt on the planet. Otherwise, it has absolutely no redeeming value whatsoever. It’s terrible. It’s horrible. But, thinking about the scenario above is kind of funny.

I just can’t imagine creating such ill will during my night out on the town. Though, I guess it depends on who you hang out with and you know T-Shirt Hell must hang with the low of the low. Gamblers, cheaters, stealers, beaters, addicts, murderers, bankers and politicians.

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