Raptor Bandit Industries Radically Extreme Pizza T Shirt

by on February 25, 2011

This is pure goofiness. Skater piece of pizza with cool shades catching air while eating more pizza. Isn’t that like cannabalism and isn’t that bad. I guess that’s where the extreme comes in and maybe it’s a harbinger of things to come. Maybe the X games keep escalating until the ultimate goal is kill or die or stay alive against all odds and then eat your opponents that didn’t fair quite as well. I can just imagine all of that beautiful red blood staining the glassy ice and white snow. God that was creepy morbid, but that’s what pops into mind when looking at this Radically Extreme Pizza T Shirt. It’s over the top. Takes it too the next level. It has been to more there’s and done more that’s than green, sugary, caffeine-packed soda.

Topatoco printed this design from Raptor Bandit Industries with one thing in mind. Big time, massive, game changing sales.

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