Rainbow Double Unicorn T Shirt

by on August 16, 2011

You know you’re really trippin’ balls when you see these double unicorn at the end of the rainbow.

Even Yosemite Bear didn’t see this kind of psychedelic miracle. And, if you happen upon this type of site, it may be too much for your mind and psyche to handle. It’s like this Double Unicorn entity’s gotta show itself as a burning bush in order to hide it’s divine gloriousness. Actually, when you get this Double Unicorn T Shirt and wear it you may, very possibly, have to deal with people getting overwhelmed and fainting and shit. You might want to learn some CPR or at least master that gently face slapping technique. Maybe carry one of those paper fans, like in the kabuki theater. And, maybe just maybe learn how to dash water on people’s faces when they’re out cold.

Busted Tees incurs no liability for what might happen to people not ready to accept the magnificence of this shirt.

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