Pyros of the World Ignite T Shirt

by on November 10, 2010

Wordplay. Wordplay. But, before I get to deep into the meaning of this fine shirt, can I ask a favor of Snorg Tees. Please don’t put your models in such unfortunate circumstances as you have put poor young Marissa Pierce. I mean, lighting some little tinder is cool, especially in conjunction with this shirt, but the look on this beautiful girl’s face is not becoming. It looks like it’s taking all of her mental powers to put flame to stick or bark or whatever. Tongue out in a truly durr facial expression moment. Did you have to go with that one? You couldn’t look at the shot as you were going and say, let’s try another one with you lighting the wood. Oh well. It’s actually kind of cool that you ran a not so perfect pose to promote this killer Pyros of the World Ignite T Shirt.

Makes me think there should be days for disorders and phobias and bad people. Hell, fill up the calendar with these types of things. We could start the anti-Hallmark card company. It could be awesome. Who wants in? Who has start up capital? I’ll partner up as long as you bring the cash and do the work. 50-50…after all it was my idea.

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