Punching Game T Shirt

by on December 27, 2010

You remember the game. Get your body to look down and you have your thumb and forefinger together making a circle, which, of course, means, if they look you get to punch them in the arm…hard. Nice game and this Punching Game T Shirt bumps it to the next level. You’ll be punching everybody in your town with this thing on. They can’t help but look at the odd placement of artwork on the shirt and the nifty design. And, boom, you punch them. They may not get it at first, but once you explain it to them they’ll be cool with it.

I would say try it out on the sheriff and the farmer and move your way along the social continuum until you get to toddlers and old women with dementia. The possibilities are endless, which is why I call Busted Tees genius for coming up with the idea.

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