Punch Here to Withdraw Money T-Shirt

by on August 9, 2010

Not sure why you wear a shirt that invites a mugging? Does anyone know why you’d where something that dares the a**holes in the bar, at the party, and in your living room to punch you in the gut. You know in the right setting that someone is going to take you up on that. And, the main problem is that stomach punches hurt way worse than you think or remember. If you’re not in Manny Pacquiao condtion with rock hard abs, your gonna get the wind knocked out of you, and your intestines bruised. Not fun.

So, what I’m saying is that I can not recommend more highly, purchasing the Punch Here to Withdraw Money Tshirt. It’s a hilarious physical assault and theft just waiting to happen. Come on live a little. Take a walk on the wild side. Do something you’ve never done before. Cross something off that rusty bucket list. Do it!

Busted Tees is the OG when it comes to encouraging violence on their customers. No one does it like them and no one ever will, except for maybe one of those irresponsible car manufacturers.

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