Pulp Fiction Big Kahuna Burger T Shirt from Five Finger Tees

by on December 28, 2011

I love Pulp Fiction. I love the burgers for breakfast scene. Samuel L. Jackson is spectacular. I love how he eats the dude’s Big Kahuna Burger and washes it down with Sprite. And, I’m sure you love these things too, which means there is no reason to not love this Big Kahuna Burger T Shirt. Damn that movie came out 17 years ago. Seeing it in the theater was the greatest moment in my life, because, for some reason, my mom was in a good mood (might of had something to do with that plumber fixing the bathroom fixture…as she made sure he was doing a proper job with the door closed…man those water pipes make weird dying dog noises), and she let me go to the theater, and even gave me $5.25 to see the matinee. I road my banana seat bike over to the Cineplex, and enjoyed the heck out of that fine Tarantino film.

Five Finger Tees bringing back all the best cinematic memories.

Since it looks like you can’t embed Pulp Fiction Youtube clips, I give you a nice Big Kahuna Burger commercial from The Slate:

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