Pulp Fiction Bad Mother Fucker Wallet Company T Shirt from Five Finger Tees

by on April 4, 2012

God…Samuel L. Jackson was good in Pulp Fiction. Don’t you agree? The jeri curl and the Bad Mother Fucker attitude. Well, now, you can tell the world that you enjoyed his character and the film in general by purchasing the Bad Mother Fucker Wallet T Shirt. It’s a very classy piece of apparel that will look great and go over like gangbusters on any occasion.

School. Work. Lunch with gramma. Choir practice. Arts & Crafts Club. Five Finger Tees knows how versatile this design is, which is why they printed up 92 bazillion of them. But, don’t sleep on this tee. They will go fast. Do you want to be the last person in your synagogue wearing one of these. Id didn’t think so.

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