Pud Tees: Shirt Shop Interview

by on August 5, 2012

What’s your name, and the name of your shop?

Andrew Johnson and the shop is Pud Tees.

Where did the name Pud Tees come from?

I was trying to come up with a short name that was memorable and that could be played around with. So you could have, Pud-u -like, Pudsville, Puderama etc. And it had to sound like fun.

Where are you from?

Originally born near Nottingham in the U.K., but I lived in London for many years and I now live in Spain.

Do you have a bricks and mortar store?

Not yet. I have been trying to build up the business on line and then see where that goes.

When did you launch your business?

That was about a year ago. If you can call, thinking up ludicrous ideas and sticking them on a t-shirt a launch!

What was the inspiration for launching a t-shirt business?

The ideas themselves and that I mostly saw that there was a lot of shirt designs that were simply boring and very conservative. Especially those ones that simply relate to something well known, like a TV show or something, I couldn’t understand that, so I thought I could make my own.

What differentiates your shop from all the others on the Internet?

Well, I think that many other sites are far slicker and professional, that’s for sure, but it’s the idea behind the designs that sets us apart. They make no sense, they are rude, irreverent and just plain odd in a fun way and it’s more Marx Brothers meets Monty Python than any other tee site I can think of, thats for sure!

How’s business?

We are just starting out so it’s early days. The multi million pound corporate money making machine is a few years down the line yet.

 Where do you get your designs?

After seeing the designs most people would say from a very bad narcotics habit ! It’s eccentric English humour and I play around with the ideas until the balance between the design and the words are just about on the verge of making sense and it’s done!

What’s the go to illicit substance for inspiring your insane designs?

Usually far too much Chorizo and Spanish Brandy. Recently I have slowed down on the brandy, but that merely gives me a craving for cheese and onion sandwiches. One day I hope to get the balance right and create THE T shirt design that ends world poverty, creates a whole new genre of novel, lays waste to all who dare question a mans right to say the word “inane” and can be used as a really cool feather duster on it’s day off. But I’m working on that one.

What kind of shirt stock do you use? Why?

We use an English Company that can print to order using some sexy new printing process that is top notch on cotton shirts. I would tell you more but I would then have to kill you and steal your identity.

Where do you see your business in a year?

Hopefully I will be phoning in orders and kicking backsides to a multitude of worker drones, from my yacht in the Bahamas. Which I think is entirely realistic. Somewhere.

What’s your favorite design currently?

I like the one of the Cat peeing in the dog bowl. Cats are from another planet and can be very vindictive. I think the design gets that.

Is the world going to end this year?

It actually ended last week on a Thursday but most of us were too busy watching TV to notice. Another ending is planned for a week on Tuesday, so make sure you get really friendly with that God bloke before it all goes tits up .

What sells more men or women’s shirts?

Mens. I have no idea why.

Is there a subject matter that you sell most of?

They don’t tend to have a subject matter really. Insanity maybe. Yeah, that’s the one.

What are the top three selling designs at your store?

We sold a few of the MOOBS one recently, METHS and DRINK MANY BEER.

Where can people find you?

Website | Tumblr | Facebook

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