Rubik’s Cube Problem Solved T Shirt

by on November 1, 2008

There’s been a controversy about a similarly named shirt that depicted a guy pushing a girl off a cliff or something. This one that depicts blatant cheating is much more socially acceptable. Plus, it’s funny in its own right…I mean I’m not saying pushing girls off cliffs is funny…just that getting so f*in frustrated at a Rubix cube because you can only ever get one side all one color, that you go out to the nearest art supply store, drop 20 bucks on brush, paint and probably a couple of other miscellaneous supplies I’m not thinking about, and paint the cube sides so that it looks like you “solved” it.

Of course, you’re back to square one if somebody decides to mix it up again, so you’ll probably need to keep your cube under glass and lock and key and maybe armed security.

Or rather than go through all that rigmarole you could get your hands on this Problem Solved tshirt and, well, all your problems will be solved.

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