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by on May 29, 2012

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This has been long overdue. All of the Problem Solved T-Shirts where the guy gets rid of the girl by putting on his headphones or pushing her off a cliff, now we have the girl yelling at the guy because he probably did something stupid, then pushing him into oblivion. Pretty funny. And nice revenge. Payback is a bitch. I didn’t mean literally. Or figuratively but sorta literal in like I’m calling the girl that. Not my intention.

Though there was once a girl that said she would go to the arcade with me in 10th grade and then she didn’t so I can see the guy’s side of things. But, hey I can see the girl’s side as well because my mom was drunk once and told me that my father often farted on her head when company was over…this was just before the divorce.

Nonetheless Wicky Tees has turned the tables and you should recognize.

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