President Obama Takes Elbow to Lip During Basketball Game

by on November 26, 2010

How would you like to be the dude that actually delivered this blow, even if it was inadvertent? The image that goes with the story on, shows the President walking off slightly in pain, but he seems to be taking it well. A cut on the lip that takes 12 stitches is no joke. That’s a pretty solid shot. Of course, you should have seen what the secret service did to the elbower. He’ll never be playing basketball again, unless in the sequel to Murderball.

My best to the President and his recovery. Makes eating leftovers not quite as enjoyable if you’re wincing while you’re stuffing the stuffing past that stitched up fat lip.

The only way to avoid having that happen again is to show your opponents that you mean business by wearing funny Ninja T Shirts while you’re playing. Seriously, you won’t even be fouled, much less bloodied.

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