Portlandia Sherlock Holmies T Shirt from Busted Tees

by on February 29, 2012

Is this a typo? Or are we talking about a group of youngsters that like to solve little made up mysteries. And, they call themselves holmies because like most of the youth of today, they have a little hip hop influence going. Or is it really the name of a hide-and-go-seek team in Portland? That just made me think it was from a TV show, so pardon me while I do three or four minutes of solid searching.

Okay, thank God I’ve been doing this a while and the note about Portland on the Busted Tees website triggered the Portlandia thing, so now I can offer you, my fine reader, the total scoop on this Sherlock Holmies T Shirt. It is the name of a hide-and-seek team in fake Portland on the show Portlandia. You can see for yourself in the clip below.

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