Portal 2 Cave Johnson’s Killin’ Time Lemon Grenade T Shirt

by on August 4, 2011

Cave Johnson is CEO of Aperture Science and he has not so standard views of how to deal with life’s issues. Of course, this Lemon Grenade T Shirt features a quote from a character from the game Portal 2. I act like I totally knew this because it was obvious, but really I had to search it, and found a little meme info here. Apparently there’s a famous speech, which you can see below, which launched this particuluar meme.

And, if you didn’t know this, you probably don’t care, and if you do know this you already hit the buy button because this is a good lookin’ shirt touting some shit you totally identify with.

Tshirt Bordello is hitting the fringes with a lot of these shirts. Kind of interesting if you ask me.

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