Pop A Smurf T Shirt

by on October 15, 2010

Wordplay alert. Of course, this is just gross. Yeah, we get it. Curmudgeonly people don’t like sickly sweet cartoon characters, so envisioning them blowing each others brains out brings a chuckle. Ha Ha.

This is just in terrible taste. Blood splattered everywhere. And an innocent Smurf dead.

Would you ever wear the Pop a Smurf T Shirt? Be careful how you answer that, because you could be put in a box and judged harshly, by those with a better feel for appropriateness. But, please do answer. The comment section is a good place to make your opinions known.

You can really blame T Shirt Hell. They are just making the shirts that they know people want. It’s the people—yes, you and me—that are to blame. We are consuming this material. T Shirt Hell is just a harbinger of the fall of the US empire. It’s Rome all over again. Hear me?

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