Pop A Smurf T Shirt

by on October 15, 2010

pop a smurf t shirt Pop A Smurf T Shirtbuy now button yellow Pop A Smurf T ShirtWordplay alert. Of course, this is just gross. Yeah, we get it. Curmudgeonly people don’t like sickly sweet cartoon characters, so envisioning them blowing each others brains out brings a chuckle. Ha Ha.

This is just in terrible taste. Blood splattered everywhere. And an innocent Smurf dead.

Would you ever wear the Pop a Smurf T Shirt? Be careful how you answer that, because you could be put in a box and judged harshly, by those with a better feel for appropriateness. But, please do answer. The comment section is a good place to make your opinions known.

You can really blame T Shirt Hell. They are just making the shirts that they know people want. It’s the people—yes, you and me—that are to blame. We are consuming this material. T Shirt Hell is just a harbinger of the fall of the US empire. It’s Rome all over again. Hear me?

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