Polite as Fuck T Shirt

by on January 21, 2011

The thing that is amazing about this shirt is the size of the scripty font. It’s huge. Basically, you have the biggest “fuck” possible on your shirt. So, don’t wear this around the kids, please. They’re not ready to process this sort of edgy business. Now, if you’re 32-years-old or older then please enjoy the obscene contradiction and make your 32 and over friends laugh. Under 32, then I certainly hope you are not even reading this, and if you are, I’m sorry. You should go to confession. And, tell you mom, and probably go shovel the snowy sidewalks of your own volition, just to sort of make up for your transgression.

Mature people: please use a part of your salary to go ahead and pick up this Polite as Fuck T Shirt.

Busted Tees doesn’t often drop the “F” bomb, but when they do, they mean it.

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