Police Line T Shirt

by on December 8, 2010

When the shit goes down, and you’re protesting the increasing fascist state what would ease your anger and alleviate your fear that the great democracy of the United States is going down the toilet, than yellow tape around the riot squad that offers multiple positive messages. Talk about fuckin’ with your mind. You’re protesting TSA anal rape, and the troops come in but they are surrounded by kind yellow tape messages. You might have cognitive dissonance. At least enough for you to be less on your game and give them a chance to take you down…kindly.

What am I talking about. This is the US of A and there’s never anything to protest. So what if big bankers are building yachts out of our pensions, and the scrap wood that was your middle class home before it got foreclosed. That’s not really anything to protest. I mean do you think the government could really enforce racketeering and falsification of documents. No way.

Just remember to buy this Police Line T Shirt and get it out before you ever make a rash decision to protest. Headline Shirts wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Have a totally amazing day. Remember to smile. We totally love you.”

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