Polaroid Camera Tongue T shirt

by on March 12, 2011

This is perhaps one of the weirdest t shirt offerings I have seen in a while. The subject matter, an old school Polaroid camera spitting out a picture of a tongue, presumably its own, is whacky. And, it features like classic 80s colors, teal and pink. Maybe it’s a tongue (ha ha ha…get it) in cheek look at the 80s. Who knows. But the truth is I kind of still like this Camera Tongue T shirt. It’s nostalgic. It’s odd. It’s slightly ugly, yet still interesting in design. Really it throws me for a loop looking at it, and maybe it would knock me off balance as I’m wearing it as well, which can be a very good thing when you need a little shake up.

Sometimes the status quo gets boring…becomes a rut and you need to do something to clear away the cobwebs. I totally recommend wearing this tee from Headline Shirts or dropping acid naked in the woods. Either way…you’ll come out with new perspective.

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