Planking T Shirts Are Totally Not a Short-Lived Fad

by on August 13, 2011

Get in on the ground floor of this Planking T Shirt juggernaut. It’s totally going to take off and last for like at least a half century. You do not have to worry that you’ll plop down your hard-earned money and 72 days later no one has any idea what planking is. Not going to happen. Laying face down on your stomach, stiff as a board is going to stand the test of time.

Now here’s the thing that makes you love me. I have spent the last 52 hours straight going through the Internet to find you the cream of the crop planking tees, so that you can cherry pick your favorites and add them to your shirt rotation immediately.

You’re welcome.

If You Can Read This I’m Not Planking T Shirt

In case people want to understand but don’t this is a nice way to help them along the planking world.

NPA – National Planking Association T Shirt

This is a beauty. Any activity that is awesome gets its own red, white and blue major league logo. You know planking has arrived and they will know you have arrived when you wear this one.

Level the Planking Field T Shirt

Nice little wordplay. Planking needs straightness. Levels promote straightness. It’s a match made in heaven and you’ll be in heaven when you wear this one.

Planking Assume the Position T Shirt

Your core has to be spectacularly strong in order to assume the position in this fashion. Otherwise, you bust up your face.

Planking It’s Extreme Laying Down T Shirt

Even laying down has an extreme version for all of those adrenaline junky freaks.

Abraham Plankin T Shirt

Not a lot of people realize that Abe was the originator of this phenomenon. He planted the acorn and 123 years later it blossomed into a stiff, horizontal oak tree.

Sorry for Planking T Shirt

This is one of those apologies that doesn’t really ring true. It’s like sorry I’m so cool and you’re a dick.

Plank Til You Puke T Shirt

Sometimes you have to take things to that level in order experience the elation of accomplishment.

No Planking Any Time T Shirt

Sometimes you have to stand up and fight the man. Even if the official looking sign says no, you gotta get down and do that planking thing.

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