Planking It’s Extreme Laying Down T Shirt

by on June 21, 2011

Planking is all the rage with the kids. You lie down face down and stiff…and you’re planking. Take a picture and load it to Facebook and now you’re just as cool as that teenager next door. Good job. Now, take it to the next level. Get the Planking It’s Extreme Laying Down T Shirt.

I really kind of dig this little Internet meme phenomenon dealio. Apparently, it started in Australia. Good for them. It seems like a cool Down Under thing, though I actually have no idea if Australians are really cool. If I think about it I might lean toward them being sort of outdorky (as in outdoorsy and dorky and Outback…get it).

Deez Teez keeping up with the cutting edge shit the kids are doing.

The finest planking t shirts money or gold bullion can buy.

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Josh Higgins August 16, 2011 at 8:56 pm

May I use your, PLANKING It’s Extremem Laying Down, clip art for a sermon series power point background. I am a minister with Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship at LSU and will teach on laying down our lives for others and will use PLANKING as my illustration. If I may, please send me a jpeg.



Booker Addison August 16, 2011 at 9:48 pm

Josh, You’re going to need to talk to Deez Teez. I just blog about the shirts. I like the analogy though. It will keep your flocks attention.


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