Pizza is a Vegetable T Shirt from Snorg Tees

by on January 16, 2012

oven baked fresh fda approved vegetables t shirt Pizza is a Vegetable T Shirt from Snorg Teesbuy now button yellow Pizza is a Vegetable T Shirt from Snorg TeesApparently, President Obama was trying to ratchet up the quality of school lunch programs around the country, but the french fries and frozen food industry shoved way too much payola up the asses of Congress for them to see straight, so they called a teaspoon of tomato paste on pizza a vegetable and shit canned the USDA’s suggestions for improved nutrition for the young people of the United States. Somewhere Jamie Oliver is crying in his salad.

Hell, some retired military group was calling it a matter of national security, because all the kids are rolling out of the public school system obese and unfit to serve in our military. That would be kind of funny if it wasn’t super sad. No, it’s still pretty damn funny.

And that is why you must get the Pizza is a Vegetable T Shirt. Oven Baked Fresh FDA Approved Pizza Vegetables. YAY!

Snorg Tees getting all political up in here. Can you stand the heat?

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