Pistols for Pandas T shirt

by on January 12, 2009

pistols-for-pandas-tshirtI almost forgot about HomeStarRunner until some dude at work reminded me of the total hilarity. You’ll probably need to hit up the HSR store for some real fine goods, including this lovely Pistols For Pandas shirt.

When it comes time decide what charity to give my hard-earned cash I live to follow a few rules in sorting through the thousands of options for philanthropy:

  1. Will my money go towards helping panda bears?
  2. Will my money help the disenfranchised kick ass?
  3. Will my money help pay back karma-wise for laughing when Ben Stiller killed a panda in the jungle in Tropic Thunder?
  4. Will I get an awesome plastic tumbler and/or tshirt that proves to everybody I’m an upper-echelon generous giver?

As you can see this cause obviously fits all my criteria. And yours?

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