Girl Vs. Robot T Shirt from Pistache

by on December 30, 2011

I can’t quite put my finger on why I like this shirt. There is some element that really draws me. Maybe it’s a subliminal thing. Or maybe it’s the colors. Or geez I just can’t quite wrap my mind around what is so appealing. Is anyone else having this sort of visceral reaction to this Girl Vs. Robot T shirt?

Whatever the case, the representation of soft woman flesh pitted against cold, hard steel in a fight to the death is very compelling and very apropos as humankind awaits its imminent takeover by the machines. Then Frankenstein is reality and we can only hope that that computer robot machine can find a heart and soul to go along with that calculating mind.

Maybe that’s what it is about this shirt. It represents deep archetypal struggle that naturally attracts your attention and draws you in.

Pistache has a visual style uniquely their own, and you should check it out. There are some cool shirts, hats and other assorted items available for you to increase your stylishness in the eyes of all that have any kind of taste whatsoever.

Pistache is located in the UK, but it looks like they’re offering free shipping worldwide through February 2012, so now’s a good time to check out their stuff.

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