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by on February 7, 2013


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Wait, is this a spoiler? I’m not quite done with season 5. Should I cover my eyes and run screaming? Why is Pinkman on a Phosphorus Periodic Table of the Elements square? Or maybe I just have a terrible memory and that happened in like Season 2. In fact, it’s what he’s known for. The actor that plays Pinkman can’t get any other acting work because the running Phosphorus bit throughout Season 4 has branded him, such that audiences could think of him in no other way. This is very possible, because the only thing I can remember about TV or movies is if I liked the shows or not.

No really, what’s with the Phosphorus? And, how many episodes were there in Season 5? I’ve seen eight. Okay, now I need to go check. Good lord. There was only eight. I’ve seen all of the episodes and have no idea what this means. It’s probably just part of the meth cooking process that I’ve seen like 89 times.

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