Pine Nuts Cause Bitter Taste for Days

by on November 13, 2010

Everything I eat tastes bitter these days. I started to really notice it today so I Googled it, which isn’t always the greatest idea. It’s pretty much guaranteed that if you search for information on health symptoms, you’re going to find enough concerning information that makes you think you’re probably going to die in the next 14 minutes of some rare disease or virus or something.

Anyways, today I searched “everything I eat tastes bitter” and the first result to catch my eye was something about pine nuts. Turns out lots of people have experienced eating pine nuts then having a bitter taste in their mouth, especially when eating, for several days after.

The good news is I ate pine nuts a few days ago. I was manically sifting through the pantry, trying to find something to eat to fill that emptiness, and all I could find was a dusty bag of pine nuts from Trader Joes. I pounded through quite a few of them. Now, I’m putting two and two together.

Going into the search, I was pretty certain I had some sort of fluid dripping from my cerebral cortex into my throat, which is bad, like a sign that I had fluid building up in my brain. I prefer the pine nuts diagnosis. In fact, I’m so relieved and in such a good mood that I want to go look at a bunch of funny tshirts.

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