Pinatas Victims of Child Abuse T Shirt

by on February 8, 2011

Ahhhh. This isn’t funny. This is sad. That poor pig pinata is being abused. Some blindfolded kid is swinging a bat at him just as this picture is taken. I mean obviously this isn’t a picture, but it’s an artist’s rendering of the photograph that captured this fearful moment. Talk about child abuse this is it. Those children really are abusing the poor animal…and guess what: they’re going to be rewarded for it. Candy and little bits of plastic schwag for hitting the mark and busting that pig open.

I know it’s wordplay but it’s not funny. Thing about it Snorg Tees. It’s not funny. It makes my heart heart hurt…poor paper mache pig. I can’t see how you could be so cruel as to wear this, but maybe you have altruistic motives, hoping that spreading the word will stop the abuse. If that’s the case then go ahead and get the Pinatas Victims of Child Abuse T Shirt. I’ll allow it I guess.

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