Pillow Fight T Shirt

by on February 1, 2011

This is pretty straight ahead tomfoolery right here. Pillow fight equals pillows with boxing gloves and they’re going at it, because they’re bruised and black-eyed. At first I thought the pillows had handles and was wondering if there are pillows specifically made for pillow fighting, but I think maybe what you have here is the pillow case open and the actual pillow showing. Except if it is the actual pillow it really shouldn’t be the same color as the background of the shirt. So, now I think I might be a little confused by this Pillow Fight T Shirt.

Still, I’m going to give Busted Tees props for a cute concept, and cute pillows…they’re almost like little baby’s in footie pajamas going toe-to-toe. How cute would baby boxing be. Ahhhhh.

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