Petrified Panda T Shirt

by on February 3, 2013


Get This Shirt From Petrified Panda

This is like the flagship design from Petrified Panda, because, well, it’s a petrified panda. I like the theme they’re working with. You see all the cutesy animal stuff all over the Internet, so it’s about time a shirt shop focused on animals that are petrified, because, honestly, in this crazy food chain world there is a lot of scared animals mulling about.

Actually, this panda was captured just as it finally dawned on him that the Keynesian economics practiced by the Treasury and Fed is an abject failure, and if things don’t change soon, we’ll be in the worst depression the world has ever known. Oh, and that corporate agendas are the only policies under consideration by the Congress.

I know. I know. You thought it was just a cute, cuddly, petrified panda, but there’s a deep, dark current below the surface.

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