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by on February 13, 2011

People Like Me is a wild ride of whacky art and witty concept. Within that cacaphony you’ll find some funny t shirts. Their tagline is “The Right Brain Is Never Wrong.” That’s the part of the brain the generates maniacal fatty food cravings…right?

If you’re a man, you might like to check out their men’s clothing section where you’ll find shirts like Ad Space, Tramp Stamp, Mama’s Boy, The Sound and the Fury, and the very fine I Spoon First Dates transitive pictograph verbalization.

If you’re a woman, you may prefer to check out the women’s clothing section, which includes many of the same designs as the men, and some others including a very fantastically random Consumer image with a vinyl record sitting in between a fork and knife in place of a plate.

People Like Me seem to do a comic book called The Villains and offer a t shirt and a pack of The Villains paraphernalia. It looks like The Villains are in a band and they wear Zoro masks and red polyester suits. Probably sound garagey like Thee Headcoats.

Need to know more about this nutty crew from New Jersey? Well, first they have a staff member that calls himself Gandhi Rodriguez, Secretary of the Interior. That’s quite a bit of something. On the about page, they describe their artistic bent as follows:

“Our themes span the low-pop spectrum, from umbilical cords to tramp stamp tattoos. We’ve found our home in the
taboo and the strange. We pride ourselves in lowering the standard. In fact, we traded in our standards one night after listening to Queen on vinyl, backwards. This is why we are unique. Our lack of moral hygiene keeps us from being safe.”

If you’re in to some weird East Coast business, People Like Me is certainly worth a visit.

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