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by on December 26, 2011

This is the way to treat a pedophile. Make t-shirts mocking and taunting him. This State Penn T Shirt is a beauty, the shower being a very nice extra touch, because he diddled kids that went to his football camp in the shower, and once he gets convicted, then he’ll be diddled in the shower in prison. Then, he’ll probably be killed, which is what needs to happen.

Dudes like this with patterns of sociopathic behavior are no hopers in my opinion. There will be no reform. He is wired to diddle children, so instead of clogging up the prison system or opening up the possibility of him getting out early on good behavior (after all there will be no children to fuck in prison), let’s put him 6-feet under now. Wait, I want it to be known that I’m all for the right to a fair trial, especially in these times when the Oligarchy is trying to take that away, so I’ll let Jerry Sandusky be innocent until proven guilty. And, once, he’s proven guilty with overwhelming evidence, then go ahead and execute him.

Think I’m being too harsh on Sandusky? Well, he set up a football camp for kids so he could molest and rape them. That’s pretty bad. Joe Paterno should be put in prison for his last days as an accessory. He knew what was going on. He did nothing about it. It’s one thing to be loyal to a guy you went to battle with every Saturday for years, but when that guy goes off the rails and commits heinous crimes that social contract is broken. You don’t need to have his back Joe Pa. You need to call in law enforcement and get him off campus and behind bars.

Of course, if this book title was made up as part of a comedy skit, you would call it too over-the-top, but since it’s real I’m linking to Touched by Jerry Sandusky.

And, while we’re at it…let’s let all those folks incarcerated for victimless crimes free, ‘cuz that’s ridiculous. Marijuana? Prostitution? These should not be against the law.

All right I’m done. Happy Holidays!

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Mike Parker December 27, 2011 at 8:43 am

Wow. So sad but so true.


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