Pedo Bear Little Tikes Summer Camp T Shirt

by on April 29, 2011

This Pedo Bear dude has been around since 2004. I know I looked it up. He started out in Japan as just a cute little ASCII drawing, but turned into something much more sinister as it made it’s way to the United States. How in the hell do these things happen? I have no idea but I’m happy they do, because they’re funny as can be. Plus, you can take the original Pedo Bear concept–cute cuddly thing, but molests children in alley ways, and on the banks of creeks–and run wild, including this offering with Pedo Bear as the mascot for the Little Tikes Summer Camp T Shirt. Very nice.

Nerdy Shirts captured the wonderful nuances of the Pedo Bear and added a tasty little sweet and sour sauce. Very nice.

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