Peace Knuckles T Shirt

by on December 11, 2012


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God…how pissed would you be if you’re gettin’ into something, and it’s that classic rhythmic humor fight where everything you and your boys do is right. Just like the movies. OOh. You ducked the chair and it hit one of the bad guys. You tab a shoulder just as the bad guy is about to stab your bud in the throat. Lights out punch. You duck. Your friend sweep kicks. Bad guy jumps from a table. You side step. Belly flop.

Of course, you’re the leader and once things calm down, bad guy leader steps up ready for a mano-a-mano show down. You tell your boys to step back, ‘cuz you got it. And you slyly grab into your back pocket for the brass knuckles. But, what the hell, your hippie girlfriend who doesn’t approve of your violent ways has spot welded peace signs into the finger holes. You’re thrown off your game. Rival beats you down and his boys break the necks of all your boys. Your eyes are gouged out. You’re totally breaking up with that meddlesome broad.

Design by SilentOp.

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