PB&J BFF T Shirt

by on December 17, 2010

Yes, it’s true peanut butter and jelly are best friends forever. Why? Because they go so well together. The thing I hate about this though is that bread gets overlooked. It’s like an after thought but you don’t have a PB & J unless you have the bread to pull it all together. Maybe it should be PB & J & Bread or Bread & PB & J or perhaps PB & Bread & J. I don’t want to abbreviate Bread to B because then that would get confused with the B for butter, so that’s why I spell it all out, though it makes the whole thing slightly less elegant and less pleasing rolling off the tongue.

Nonetheless, I’m going to go to bat for bread for the next edition of this PB & J BFF T Shirt. Meanwhile, you should probably pick this one up now, because it’s the best attempt by Snorg Tees so far.

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