Party ’til You’re Homeless T-shirt

by on February 8, 2010

buy tshirt button2 Party til Youre Homeless T shirtparty til youre homeless tshirt Party til Youre Homeless T shirtWay way better than party ’til you puke. A lot better than party hearty. And even slightly better than the Grand Old Party. This shirt tops the top party shirts in the business, which is pretty outstanding. I suppose if you wear this one around enough it’s going to strike a cord with some of the folks that have already taken this advice to heart and now are sleeping under a ripped tarp down by the aqueduct. In fact, I’m pretty certain you will enter into engaging dialogue if you were to wear this the next time you ladle up the soup at the shelter or pass out coffee and sandwiches on skid row.

Anywhere from chuckles to hrumphs, plus one guaranteed attack with a broken spork. So, as I was saying, wear this fine garment with caution, because it’s a zinger.

Party ’til You’re Homeless should be the last shirt on your back if it comes to that and it will come to that if you keep partying with Rick and doing that thing with limes, Barcardi, and pencil shavings.

You’d have to be a crazy, roach-infested kitchen cupboard to ignore the magnificence offered up by the Busted Tees.

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