Party Like It’s 2012 T Shirt

by on February 5, 2011

This is a funny shirt. First of all, 2012 looks like it’s going out with a bang, but that doesn’t even have the elegance and grace of a mushroom cloud. It’s more percussive and violent and ugly. Not sure why people are all standing around at Ground Zero on this bombing. Or maybe it’s New Year’s Eve and the Big Apple drops and bango, it’s the end of the East coast and that triggers more explosives across the country and then the world and it’s all gone. I was figuring on a more subtle sort of financial meltdown, where it slowly begins to dawn on people that Wall Street has completely destroyed everything and that the government was complicit, not putting anyone in jail, not hanging any of the dirty thieves from lamp posts, not burying Ben Bernanke alive up to his neck and slathering honey on his face.

The dollar becomes less valuable than the scratch paper you received from that company you vaguely do business with. And municipal services slowly start to flicker out…street repair, libraries, schools, then water, electricity, and gas. Stores don’t replenish. And then all of a sudden. Oh shit! Time to wear the Party Like It’s 2012 T Shirt.

But, maybe Deez Teez is correct in assuming it’s the bomb. Or maybe the bomb comes after the entire infrastructure collapses. Who knows? Maybe the Mayans were full of it.

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