Party Czar T-shirt

by on February 22, 2010

Firstly, czar is such a great word and I feel that it isn’t used nearly enough. The only national usage off the top of my head is the Marv Albert’s nickname for Mike Fratello during NBA telecasts: Czar of the Telestrator. It was always a nice bonus to hear this hijinx during a game.

Secondly, I nominate the guy below as the official Party Czar of the world. He just looks like, when quittin’ time at the trolley depot came along he would be more than ready to handle the great responsibility that is being

Czar of the Party. He would keep pumping oxygen into the room, so it’s lively ’til the break of dawn. The neighbors might not be that happy, but don’t forget the Party Czar greased the wheels with them a long time back. That type of masterful planning comes with the job.

flickr photo by ju fumero

If you think you’re ready to be one of the few and the proud, the first step is to get used to people calling you the Party Czar, which they will when you wear this shirt every day for 4 and a half months straight.

Next, learn the ins and outs of catering. Or at least learn to recognize the key freshness indicators on bags of chips, and learn how to make a mean onion dip.

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