Party Crashers T Shirts: All Political Bents Welcome Here If You Have a Credit Card

by on January 6, 2011

Party Crashers T Shirts sits on both sides of the fence and in the middle and off to the side and everywhere in between. I’m going to guess they have a multiple of four employees. And, that there’s a Conservative, a liberal, a Libertarian, and political dropout.They each take turns at the conference table offering up their favorite design concepts that espouse their particular political philosophy. Wait, first, the go to the Census or some polling data and figure how many people are estimated to be in each camp. Then, the do so sophisticated arithmetic that figures out total spending power for each group. Then, they assign a certain amount of shirt designs per X dollars of spending power. This, then, is how the decide what shirts get top billing and how many shirts they do for each affiliation. Obviously, Republicans and Tea Party folks are who they are targeting the most.

Malcolm X said: “If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything,” and I don’t know what that means, but I thought it would be germaine in a review of a political t shirt site. Actually, I thought of that quote because this site as a whole really is all over the board and I wonder if that hurts it when it comes to selling t shirts to the most rabid political goof balls.

If the Palinites cream themselves over the Lady Liberty 2012 t shirt featuring Sarah Palin as the Statue of Liberty and holding a gun, how are they going to feel when they find themselves on a site that also sells a Donkey pissing on a Republican elephant. I feel like they may take their business elsewhere.

So, if you are in to politics but are not so hardcore as to refuse to do business with an opportunistic company that panders to all sides and exploits irrational politcal passions for profits, then you should probably just move on. On the other hand, if you look at the catalog and see and sure speaking your language then by all means buy the damn thing and forget that there are some of the doucheist Republican pablum ever committed to cotton finery. Or whatever.

Personally, I don’t trust any of them (politicians). I think it’s all rotten to the core(poration) <– WORDPLAY. But, you know what that doesn’t mean there isn’t a shirt for me at Party Crashers T Shirts, because as I mentioned before there is something for political dropouts, and that’s the shirt I’m really going to celebrate with this review:

Re-elect No One T Shirt

And, hey, look at that…when you go to that Re-elect No One T-shirt page, their damn smart shopping cart says that I may also like:

Don’t Vote It Only Encourages Them T Shirt

And, I think they are correct. It is definitely related. It aligns with my beliefs.

If you’re the type to wear a political t shirt, there is probably a good chance you’ll find a shirt that will make you proud at Party Crashers T Shirts. They have the pro-Obama t shirts, anti-Obama t shirts, pro-Democrat t shirts, anti-Democrat t shirts, pro-Republican t shirts, anti-Republican t shirts, pro-Tea Party t shirts, pro-elephant shit t shirts, and, finally, pro-dude playing polo on a Democrat donkey, which, I’m going to make a bold guess, is a best seller.

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