Parking Cop Payback T Shirt

by on August 10, 2011

Despite the fact that I think the boot on the Dept. of Public Transportation Vehicle should look homemade, I still find this Parking Cop Payback T Shirt to be pretty funny. Even funnier is that the confused cop stepped out of the donut shop, wiping his moustache, and Rob Riggle popped out of nowhere saying “how you like that meter maid?”

Payback is a bitch. I’m not implicating Rob Riggle in the shenanigan. I just like the visual of him jumping out from behind a lamp post and giving the parking cop a little manly grief.

Headline Shirts was going to have Rob Riggle on this shirt, but the licensing fee to get his likeness screened on there was astronomical. This shirt would have cost you $77 had they gone that route. So, be happy with what is there, and don’t get greedy. It’s a fine, fine shirt.

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