Papermaster out at Apple

by on August 7, 2010

from TechCrunch:

“In November 2008, Tony Fadell, Apple’s senior vice president of the company’s iPod and iPhone divisions, stepped down due to “personal reasons.” At the time, this was thought to be a blow to Apple, as Fadell was considered to be one of the execs on the short list to eventually succeed Steve Jobs as CEO. But Apple wasted little time finding a solid replacement: Mark Papermaster. But now, not even two years later, Papermaster is out as well, the New York Times reports today.”

Yeah, the thing where the iPhone 4 can’t make calls is troublesome, but Jobs really just had to get Papermaster out of the company because of the name. That is just bad branding. Oh, Papermaster, no wonder they can’t get the hardware for the digital stuff right.

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