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For anybody that’s carried cash for the last 100 years, that creepy eye has been staring at them. I think it was subliminally training us to just bend over and accept whatever abuse the 1 percenters are ready to thrust our way. And it’s all coming to a head in this crazy days of absolute lawlessness on Wall St. and K Street. I blame the Eye of Providence for paving the way.

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I think what’s happening here is that you’re talking about being realistic. Yes, silence is the golden standard, but pretty unrealistic, so maybe a more manageable and attainable goal is to buy a roll of high quality duct tape, and find an opportune time to duct tape shut the mouth of the offending person, who CAN NOT STOP TALKING. I have a few candidates on my list for this one. Of course, I’ll make sure their nasal passages are clear before going through with it.

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Hot Mess T Shirt

by on August 4, 2012

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Hey, if your honest enough with yourself to know that you’re a hot mess, then you’re not too far gone to be awesome. So, get this shirt and wear it proudly. Not sure who coined this phrase, but I really love it. You?

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Clown Dog Shit T Shirt

by on August 4, 2012

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They call it cleaning up over at Threadless, because they are family friendly and have some scruples, but over here at Tshirt Groove it’s off the chain. Dropping dirty words like candy from a dog pinata.

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The power of one tiny letter. This is actually from Romeo & Juliet. Juliet says “parting is such sweet sorrow.” Not quite the same meaning as on this fine shirt. However, I think both sentiments are equally valid. Think of that hangover in the morning. You sort of remember all the good times you had, but then you are sorrowful that you feel like such shit.

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Fox Mulder always wanted to believe in all that supernatural-seeming stuff, he and Dana Scully were running into each episode of the X Files. Instead, his material brain and soul crushing logic disabled his capacity for faith and some sort of metaphysical epiphany.

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I’m not even sure that I know what this means, but it sounds funny. I guess you have your tortured artist character, and there’s probably a chain sandwich shop that calls their people behind the counter, sandwich artists, so it’s only natural that Tshirt Hell would mash those two concepts together into something colorful and absurd.

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If the outer accutrements make it seem as if you are more on the feminine side, but you don’t really feel like that’s how you want to be portrayed, then you probably need to say something out loud to make sure people know what’s going on. Wearing this shirt is a good option as well. Your choice. Just make it quick, because it feels all estrogeny up in here.

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How can someone think this? They should love themselves. If they don’t, who will? Just kidding…I totally feel like this all the time. It’s like I’m 41 and it’s very obvious what my flaws are and is there a chance in hell I’m going to be fixing any of that shit any time soon. Not really. Kind of depressing, and very understandable if it’s not super attractive to you. Wait, I think I just parroted something I heard on the WTF Podcast. God that stuff just seeps into your subconscious. Oh well. Truth is the truth, and I gave attribution, but I could have very easily just spouted that off like I was the originator without malice or bad intentions.

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Jive Strong T Shirt

by on August 1, 2012

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A mashup of the Lance Armstrong cancer foundation Live Strong and the jive talkers in the movie Airplane. Doesn’t get much more random than that, and that’s why I love this shirt.

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This design is getting a little historical, which is good to keep the kids interested in what happened in the past. Of course, I don’t really remember why Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton were in such a fighting frenzy, but they did have a duel.

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Crooked Heart T shirt

by on August 1, 2012

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I don’t really see this as a crooked heart. Maybe it’s a little tilted to one side, but I wouldn’t really call it crooked. Maybe askew. Crooked would be a more jacked up heart shape. Nonetheless, I like this heart and the placement on the shirt, so I’m giving it my full endorsement.

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