I’m not really sure how a site that sells shirts for $6 can even remotely afford to offer any sort of discount, but 6 Dollar Shirts is doing just that. Spend $75 and you get 10% off your entire order. Enter code BACK2SKOOL at checkout to get the discount. Hurry, deal ends September 1, 2012.

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You’re going to have to dig to find them, but there are a lot of shirts for sale over at Design By Humans right now, including a handful for $9. Take advantage or be a lame-O.

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For the rest of the week, Headline Shirts is offering a deal where you don’t have to pay shipping. In other words: free shipping. I’m guessing they’re calling Sunday, August 26 the end of the week, so get on this deal now.

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Dracula T Shirt

by on August 22, 2012

Get This Shirt From Miles To Go

Miles To Go does shirts based on literature. So, damn cool. This one is a sinister dracula from Bram Stoker’s classic. That design is going to look good on your chest no doubt. And, if you’re a fan of the book or the character, then you’ll probably be as close to heaven as you possibly can be without being dead.

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Krystal Lynn Hedrick Dossier

Krystal is the awesome red-headed model over at Snorg Tees. She also does a ton of other stuff, as she mentions in her Twitter profile, including…

#Actress #Host #Mentor #Model #Personality #Spokesmodel #Writer #SPJ

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Burst T Shirt

by on August 22, 2012

Get This Shirt From Inkefx

Wow. I really like the shirts over at Inkefx, including this terrific burst design. The site says they were inspired by an old police badge and the illuminating pyramid on the back of the dollar. There truly is an feeling of mystery and darkness and donuts eminating out of every line.

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Get this Shirt From Busted Tees

Nickelodeon in the 90s baby. That’s right. It’s the Wild & Crazy Kids show where we find crazy and wild stuff that kids are doing. I my god, there’s a whipped cream pie to the face. And that kid is riding his bike without holding the handle bars. And that one over there just grabbed a huge piece of seaweed out of the ocean. And, holy schmoly, that one didn’t rewind the VHS tape on purpose.

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Get This Shirt From Busted Tees

A classic line from Mighty Ducks 2. Emilio Estevez is awesome and it always gets a little dusty in the room when that locker scene comes on. I feel like I could write about 1 million more shirts tonight with that kind of inspiration. Go Ducks!

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Get This Shirt from Busted Tees

Don’t know what a bulbasaur is. How come I don’t know anything about pop culture. Dammit. Pokemon always gets me. I never know when the shirt is a feature from that franchise.

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Get This Shirt from Snorg Tees

No idea what this means. Some kind of video. Maybe it’s a game cheat. Yes, I’m sure that’s what it is. But for what? Alright, you forced my hand, I’m going to type all of the words on this design into my favorite search engine. Duck duck go. Wait, before I do that. I’m embarrased to say I didn’t remember this was the code to get 9 lives for Contra from Nintendo. Obviously!

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Get this shirt from Snorg Tees

Great use of the name tag and the period table of the elements and the word nerd. ALL ON ONE SHIRT! Have you ever seen a garment jam packed with so much wonderful stuff as this offering. I have not. And, if you’re a nerd, you probably creamed your pants when you saw this design. No doubt.

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Get this Shirt from Snorg Tees

That would solve a lot of the mystery. The creature is just blurry. It’s not about bad photography, or he’s running so fast, or fake outs. He’s just blurry for reals, so every pic you take is gonna be blurry, unless, maybe, you’re moving the camera when you take it and what would normally be a blurry photo turns out crisp. You know like two blurrys make a sharp, clear image. I think that’s how it works when it comes to mythical creatures and photography.

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