King Henry T Shirt

by on August 26, 2012

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I love this design from Kittagon. King Henry, with his oversized head, designed in the baroque painting style. I totally made that up. I don’t know anything about art history, but this looks like something on a canvas from way back. Of course, this doesn’t look anything like the King Henry the VIII that I know from my Google image search, but maybe it’s a younger, thinner King Henry. A different King Henry (was there one) or a mashup of the chubby King Henry that we all know from the paintings and the ridiculously handsome King Henry played by Jonathan Rhys Myers in The Tudors.

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La Baraja T Shirt

by on August 25, 2012

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Pretty cool looking shirt featuring deck of cards imagery, the Pipiripau brand name, and, of course, the word California. Not sure why California is in there, because my Spanish is weak and I can’t read the description. Doesn’t matter if you enjoy the design. Actually, upon further review, it looks like the shop is based in California, so that makes a ton of sense.

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Catstronauts T Shirt

by on August 25, 2012

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Limited edition design from MasterControl. Make sure you act fast in order to pick this one up before it sells out. Loved the washed out look of our fearless, intrepid, feline space travelers, and they look into space.

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The Gents T Shirt

by on August 25, 2012

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Great design by wotto. The description says it’s a bunch of inventors from the past, but doesn’t list them out. I can’t figure out who they are. Looks more like the group finalists trying out to be the Pringles guy, but what do I know?

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Very cool design by cmdixon2. It’s a street artist painting a zebra on a red wall. The zebra happens to be more than two dimensional, because he’s eating the painters sandwich. Bummer to because it looks like there was care put into that sandwich with lettuce and tomato.

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What’s your name, and the name of your shop?

Tobin Jones
Crocktees Tshirts

Where does the name Crock Tees come from?

Honestly was looking for a name that was unique and not taken. After much deliberation, i.e. random thoughts, came up with Crocktees. The shirts are all in fun and a bit of a crock anyhow so figure the name suited the site well!

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John Van Hamersveld was a graphic designer and illustrator in the 60s. He did album covers for The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. This Atomic Banana is his creation and it’s pretty much spectacular.

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Worn Free gives credit to Dee Dee Ramone for wearing this shirt, and obviously he is in this picture, but was he the first? Here’s an article about Velvet Underground’s Sterling Morrison wearing it in 1979. Of course, the Moonies were a cult that followed Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Kind of brash and funny. The art itself is awesome with a missile hitting the moon square in the head.

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Joan Jett was a badass. I Love Rock ‘n Roll was a great song. And, this design is a very fine piece of work commemorating the day of the dead.

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Pussy Riot T Shirt

by on August 22, 2012

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Ah, capturing the important political/entertainment news, we have the very important Pussy Riot t-shirt, of course, referencing the feminist band that went into a Russian cathedral and asked the Virgin Mary to rid the country of the Vladimir Putin regime, and then danced around and stuff. Three of them ended up in prison. Three others are in hiding.

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Ah, nice time to get a Larry Bird commemorative shirt, since he retired from the front office of the Indiana Pacers this summer. He was one of the best players of all time, playing his entire career with the Boston Celtics. A great coach. And, also, found his groove as one of the top brass in the Pacers organization. Pretty impressive resume for a “Hick from French Lick” Indiana.

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I love Bill Murray. And this t-shirt featuring a picture of a bust of him, captures his essence perfectly. A little unkempt. A little wild. Sarcastic, but sweet too. And, funny as hell. Good stuff.

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