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For a limited time only. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. He’s an alcoholic and rarely sober, but if the sloppy, offensive, smelly drunk you see in front of you is not quite your style, there is the sober version that might be more to your liking, especially if you at least like the look of him. Try on the sober version, he might feel just right. Then you can totally change his ways. Happens all the time…I swear.

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Get This Shirt from Five Finger Tees

If by greatest you mean, greatest evil force of all time that changed his ways at the end, then I can accept this premise. Otherwise, I’m thinking he was more like a deadbeat dad. Never around. Probably didn’t send child support. Tried to kill the kids whenever they came to visit. On balance not such a great father.

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Prime Time T Shirt

by on September 2, 2012

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Hey look…it’s all the prime numbers highlighted. 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23. When you first look at this you think it’s a calendar of some sort. Maybe that February every 39 years that only has 24 days, but then you look at the name of the shirt, Prime Time, and the mathematics begin to hit you full force.

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Amanda Marie Interview

What’s your official modeling name? I’ve seen Amanda Marie Scott, Amanda Marie, Manda Marie Scott.

Amanda Marie… simply “Amanda Marie” even though I’m called MANY things… lol. Ya’ll can find me on my personal page or my fan page at and my twitter at for more!

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This is stupid. Of course, the Earth was created 6,000 years ago. It says so in the Bible. And, of course, it was created in six days. It says so in the Bible. The Bible is the infallible word of God, so there really needs to be any more “scientific” thinking on the matter.

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Cops Love Me T Shirt

by on September 1, 2012

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Not sure what the hell this design is all about. I guess maybe if you get pulled over and you have this shirt on, you are providing social proof, which is powerful persuasion, that cops love you, so they should let you off with a warning driving 72 in a 25 MPH zone and for running over that pedestrian, who was, frankly, pretty ugly.

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See what they did there? I love cats…about 70 trillion people on the Internet agree. But wait, there’s a twist. This tee is talking about eating cats and finding them delicious, but the portion is too much. Shouldn’t be too big of a deal. That’s why we modern people have electric refridgeration. Works pretty great. And Pyrex with lids too.

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Invisible Obama T Shirt

by on September 1, 2012

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Invisible Obama 2012 – A Chair We Can Believe In: Can we really vote for a chair, because that seems like the most viable option.

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Winky Boo is celebrating their second anniversary and would like to share in the celebration by offering you free shipping. Use discount code TWO at checkout and they will take care of the shopping. Offer is good through September 14, 2012.

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Love this design by Di.Jay, depicting the four seasons on four slices of thin crust pizza. It looks delicious. You have Spring flowers, Summer beach fun, Fall leaves dropping, and Winter penguins. Actually, looks like pizza toppings from a distance. You’ve had a white sauce pizza, a heavy on the basil/pesto pizza, and a bare tree branches sticking up from the crust pizza, and, finally, the server spilled water on your pizza pizza.

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So, every woman between the ages of 25-62 has read 50 Shades of Grey. This is interesting. What the hell is going on that all these women are desperate to get some sexuality into their lives in the form of a second rate erotica novel? I actually haven’t read the book, so I’m reporting on the quality second hand. I have no problem with it to tell you the truth. Read all the lascivious shit you want is the creed I live by.

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You should be clapping your hands about now because you are awesome. But, now you need to spread it around, and make sure everybody else feels good about themselves as well. How do you do that? Glad you asked. You wear this shirt all about town and encourage people to take it to the next level with the self love and clap themselves into oblivion.

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